Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Blog, New Life, Content Still The Same Though

As everyone already knows.. my previous blog is infected by malware!

So I've decided to shut it down and make a new blog to prevent it from infecting other people.

Of course I miss that uncertainty blog.

"Gila ko tak sayang ke blog. Post dan komen2 hilang habis??"

Don't worry I've already exported my blog's content into a .xml format into my desktop. I will imported it later.

New blog, new life. But I am still me. Blogging about random emo things. Whatever going in my mind atm.

As to why my blog got infected, from google's explanation, it has something to do with my bloglist. It's a DDL Nihon blog stuff from one of my cyber frenz - whoami. He has abandoned his blog for years..and maybe that's why it's filled with malwares.

But google also said it might be due to third be exact a hacker! That "uncertainty" blog suddenly got attacked just after I posted about ABPH. Condemning the event, always the same winner, something like that. and just a minute later..."REPORTED ATTACK SITE" wtfbbq? There's a possibility's because of that post I got attacked? ahaaakkk~ popular what my blog...

To those unable to open their blog because of my malware prob, I...uh...gomen!!! I also had my difficulties to deal with the problem.

So peace and out~