Friday, April 29, 2011

I don't understand #2 - Kpop

I will never ever ever like Kpop and never going to understand why people like Kpop.

Once upon a time, I tried listening to kpop. A group by the name; DBSK? G-Dragon? After listening, I was like, "wth is this? zzz".

Maybe I don't like the idea of "idol group" and "pretty face guys". If it is a korean band, I might try. Idol group is a no no for me. Even for Jpop, Arashi/News and so on I only listened because the songs were used in jdrama. At least the group's name makes more sense than some korean groups.

And just recently, I found out there is a Kpop group wannabe in Malaysia copying 100% the concept of Kpop. With the name of 24:7, I say they had failed to do so. People already raging over their inappropriateness of the concept of Kpop. See for yourselves from the link I included there.

Kpop is seriously overrated.

The fans do crazy stuff as well, like dancing in the crowd without a shame.

Everyone have their own opinion. I'm entitled to mine. :)