Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ano toki wa.. #1 - First & Second Week in USMKK

This entry is about my perception back then. In my first and second week in USMKK. How I felt about it. How I thought it's going to be. And about these guys I met, during my first and second week here.


I never came to Kelantan. I got no relatives here. I was alone. No friends from matric/school either.

Back then, the first person I ever met on my first day here was Ajon. We met already during UTP Educamp just 2-3 weeks before. We were in the same group. I hardly remembered him lawl. He remembered me as "naughty boy". The label I got from the lecturer in our group. Don't ask me why. There was a session during the educamp we had to tell about our "success stories" other than academics. Ajon talked about soccer. That I remembered. Me? I talked about nasyid. How is that for a naughty boy? gaga

The first day, I only saw girls. They were everywhere. Okeh, some were cute. (EH they still cute now. should be 'are' :P) But the thing is, I am not good with girls. I am from SMKA (blame the SMKA lulz) and we at school had this so-called communication barrier between boys and girls. The sadduzzarai' (mencegah dari awal? betul ke aku ni) preventing us from talking. No couple is allowed! (it's not that I suggest couple). Plus, I am a shy person.

I feel more convenient to have boys as friends.

The thoughts came into my mind. How am I going to survive here?? Without friends? In Kelantan?? The Kelate loghat that I don't even understand. What if I got pawned by some swindlers because I talk non-kelate? gyahaha paranoidandroid But I still believed (somehow) I am going to be alright. And I did.

Later I met these guys. During my orientation. Iqbal, Hazwan, Daus and Nik. Iqbal, with the background quite the same as mine, we got along well. We were in the same orientation group. Only three boys, one was a Chinese that I also forgot who was it. Iqbal, being someone originated from Kedah who lives in Kelantan, he the one taught me a lot of Kelantan's words during our orientation week. While Hazwan, my first perception of his was that he was very nice, someone who can smile whenever he was with his friends, and..just another budak hayat (1st yr I still differentiate physics n hayat ppl lol). While Daus, I thought he was some strict guy becoz of his yakuza face (erkk gomen), yet he is a very soft guy! haha. And Nik, was quite a normal typical person that I think quite similar with my matric's fren - Ayie.

If not for these guys, I think I might have already gone from here. Changing course. Should I be grateful or what?

And I thought this was it. I am going to hang out with these guys for my uni life! Man, I was wrong.

The next week, we got off on our own. Me and Nik, with the PPSK's life. The rest with their medic. Busy and busy. Assignments. Others. We only met occasionally at the mosque, still thought we were going to be able to stay around. And then, I met darkartz. And yeah, I quite happy to meet him. (haha perlu tak aku citer lebih2 pasal ko). Long story short lah, we shared same interests and hobbies so....

bajet kool

tapi memang kool pun. sebab ada aku kat sebelah. hahak

And at the end of the second week, I joined taekwondo club. This was how some people (budak medic, seniors, even the taekwondo ppl) mistakenly thought me for being a biomed student. Why? It's because of us quartet - me, Al, Ken and Luk. I am the only diet lawl. And this was how I turned to involve with a lot of biomed's activities. The unofficial one. Like going to Rantau Panjang, KB, etc etc.

gahaha tak pakai spek 1st yr

Thanks TKD club! Thanks Master Chong! Thanks Kak Z. Thanks everyone~

At that time, I thought I was different. It's like I was the only one with physics background. If I remember correctly, I was the only person in my cos who always skipping class during my 1st & 2nd yr. Am I right? At matric, I always thought the hayat people are people who have good motivation and rarely skipping class. Their personality also...quite soft. I maybe wrong though. I thought I was different thus I learned to adapt. Thinking that everyone is the same actually. No hayat and physics. And....I guess I have changed who I am because of USMKK.

Would it be better if I have taken engin in UTM? I wouldn't know. Nobody knows.

The end does not matter, what matters is the journey right? Chester from LP agrees. :)

To those I didn't mention, don't worry there are still going to be #2, #3..hehe

Note: Ano toki wa = at that time/back then.

P/S: I really need to go to the Graduation Nite, am I? Let's go dear my fellow diet frenz.