Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thefictionalstoryofchanz #2 - time travel

Somehow... in the future scientists had found a way to make time travel possible..and chanz went back to the year 2007...



"Damess! Don't change it!!"

"itai...who the hell are you!?"

"I am your savior. Trust me. You are not supposed to change that. You are going to regret it."

"Really? But it seems interesting what. "Dietetik". There is only one word; short, simple and elegant!"



"Nandayo....!! Why do you care so much huh??"

"................hey, what's that?"

Without warning, chanz suddenly injects a drug into the subcutaneous area of the adolescent's skin until he has fainted.

"You are going to wake up tomorrow. Today is the deadline. You are going to thank this great uncle later. And yeah, YOU ARE VERY VERY WELCOME!"


One month later..

"demit! asal aku dapat choice ketiga lak ni! dah ar kena mai kelantan. haurhgh! damess! ni pakcik ari tu punya pasal la ni!"


P/S: Kesilapan yang takkan boleh diubah.