Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally finished watching Gundam 00 Movie

I don't know why, but I got a lot of interference while watching this movie. Three times!

First, at the first 20 minutes of watching, my mom asked me to babysit a 5 months old boy because she wanted to cook.

Second, in the middle of 60 minutes watching, my father asked me to follow him to get the car left at the workshop.

While the last one, suddenly my uncle from Johor decided to visit my family. Once they arrived, of course I got to meet, got to know them blah blah..As I said previously, we rarely meet.

Nak layan movie pun susah. So much for being a NEET!

Anyway, the plot this time is not much...entertaining. This time, people of the Earth united to fight with an unknown being from Jupiter, known as ELS. These sentient beings, ELS are attracted to people with quantum brain waves or also known as the Innovators. They assimilated with the Innovators to get information, knowledge about us, humans. You got to understand this series first before you want to watch this movie.

Spoiler alert below.

The ending is very...wtfbbq. Setsuna gets inside the core of the ELS, interacted with them, trying to understand them. So..ELS are originated from this faraway planet which is destroyed by the sun? After Setsuna gets that information, he and Tieria went to their planet and later the ELS became a big flower in the space?? Yup a flower!!

It can still be seen by the people of Earth lol. It's as big as a moon!

I'm not sure what does this flower mean. Maybe it signifies a "life", or got some sort of symbolism.

Fortunately, after credit there are still some scenes shown, the humans (the chosen ones - Innovators) finally started to explore the space.

Anyway, I got a lot of messages in this movie. The main message however is this: "Peace cannot be kept through force. It can only be achieved through understanding."

True, indeed.