Friday, May 6, 2011

O Beggars

Am I a bad person?

For thinking that he is a fake?

For thinking that beggars are very annoying people in the society?

For thinking that I should not give my money to them?

I am not sure to feel empathetic or what seeing these people in the crowd.

Pathetic, perhaps.

Just got back from "pasar malam", the one I usually go every Friday in Kubang Kerian.

Pic taken from thestar

While buying some samosas, suddenly came an adult male, looking like an Indian, going from stall to stall, begging for money. His appearance looks very messy, very serabai, with the cap on, and long hair. Old shirts and jeans. He came to every stalls, showing a "certificate" just for an instance to the hawkers, (I think it is for derma pondok/something like that, got a picture of a kid wearing kopiah), waiting for a minute, seeing their reaction, got money or not, and then he's off to other stall.

The hawkers, of course busy with their works. To cook..handle the customers. No time for you dude. So your first fault to the society;  You disturb people's business and second; You are annoying to people like me.

This is what I think. He is a fake. If he wore something nice, I don't know..a kopiyah, jubah or at least tidy clothes. To represent the "pondok/masjid". I might have given my okane. His attitude also not good. Asking people to give him money. Comparing to the ones we usually found in front of bank, at least they do not beg people to give money. Just sit there quietly.

For these people, I know they are legit. Depends on my mood, I might donate..

Try googling the word "beggar". What do you find? First page of my search I found these:
funnymalaysia | thestar


Bak kata ustaz Hasrizal, hidup untuk memberi. Betul ka kesimpulan ni... ahak..Rasanya ada hadis cakap pasal "lebih baik memberi dari meminta-minta.." Ada kan? Tak ingat da... Peace and out.