Sunday, May 8, 2011

and so it ends..

It is the end.

I am not going to come here...ever. Am I?

Unless...I continue my

My spirit, my determination has gone down..sedikit, after I listened to the stories of my senior who currently doing his Master's degree. It's not really that easy, dude to continue your study.

Tonight, however, the hope is getting up, sedikit, after our Prof Shaharum encouraging us especially Diet, Med Rad to continue study. Well, I heard before that Biomed people said he always encouraging people to continue study..still, when you heard someone telling you "GO FURTHER STUDY!"..that is enough for you to be motivated.

Want to know my plan when I get back home?

I'll try to be a RA first. Research Assistant. At USM Induk. And then, I will be able to get to know my supervisor, all the lecturers there, and then getting the hang of doing research. I could try continue my study there.

Let's pray that my plan would work.

And, let's hope that I won't waste my time only by playing games, watching animes when I got back home!!

Someone please remind me to stop being a hikikomori!!!

P/S: Need a Misaki-chan. :P