Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Altec Lansing VS4121 yang awesome!

Now who needs cinema when you have a superb speaker at home!!

Just finished watching Saw 7 BluRay rip with this speaker.

I feel greatness!!


Eventhough the plot seems predictable, as compared to first, second and third movies. With a speaker with subwoofer like this, you can still feel the movie. ahak

Only problem is this laptop does not have a graphic card, only depends on Intel HD. When will my ASUS going to come to me...Demn you ASUS customer service.

I guess it is better for the producer to put a stop on this SAW franchise, because the story is quite the same..and less surprise.

the name is John. "H" or without "H" doesn't matter.

Anyway, I still like the movie! :) Still feeling adrenaline rush watching it..Maybe because I got this thought "that blood is fake..nah they didn't really tear their skins, did's torso lying there, not human" hahahaa..or maybe I've seen this too much already..that I can't give this one 10/10..

If you go to any computer stores, you will always find this speaker Altec Lansing model vs4121. Although there are new models, people still choose this one! I don't know why it is very popular, maybe because it is soo good that it is very likable!! Its design is also simple. New designs that I seen these days are not user friendly.

P/S: Only surprise I think is to find Chester Bennington acting in this gruesome racist?